Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts are still the second most common sexually transmitted infection the United Kingdom. Quite often Gonorrhoea gets referenced as the second most common after Chlamydia but that is only correct if you are looking at bacterial infections. Genital warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, which is transferred by skin to skin contact.

If you notice some lesions around the genital area that look like fleshy bumps then these could be genital warts. It is very important that you get the area looked at by a healthcare practitioner, such as a doctor or sexual health nurse so that you get the right diagnosis. The doctor or nurse may wish to take a swab of the area to rule out other causes, such as herpes if it is not absolutely clear on a visual inspection.

If you have been diagnosed with genital warts then there are options as to how to proceed. There are creams and solutions available on prescription. The most widely used is a medication called Podophyllotoxin. This treatment comes branded as Warticon or Condyline. These medications work by causing the cells that constitute the wart to die. Podophyllotoxin is applied a few times a week and most warts will disappear in around 4 weeks. The alternative treatment is called Aldara or Imiquimod. Aldara causes a localised immune system response, which causes the body to recognise the wart and attack it from within. Aldara can take longer to work but there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that this medication provides a longer term solution to the problem. If you need to get hold of medications for the treatment of genital warts then there are websites that can prescribe these treatments online. Warticon is the most commonly prescribed treatment and you can arrange to buy it online through this website. Please remember that Warticon cannot be used for internal warts.

The principal alternative to using creams or solutions is something called cryotherapy, where the wart is frozen by the use of liquid nitrogen.

In other situations, it is sensible for the warts to be surgically removed under local anaesthetic. There are a number of different procedures but laser therapy is becoming more common.  

If you are not sure if you have genital warts then you should definitely not buy medication without having a diagnosis.  We also do not recommend that you diagnose yourself from pictures on the internet. If you would like to read more information about genital warts then we recommend this website -