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Welcome to the new website Magnetic Health. We are a news based website for innovations in the field of healthcare and biotechnology. 

Health care and biotechnology have, in the twentieth century, made leaps forward, which would have been incomprehensible only a few years before.

The discovery of DNA, penicillin, organ transplants, X Ray machines and MRI scanners are just a few of a plethora of things, which have revolutionised health treatment in the last century.

It is easy to forget that the tens of thousands of medications that are available today were nearly all developed in the last century, most of them in the second half of the last century, and that many medicines which we now take for granted were not available.

Ibuprofen, penicillin and Viagra were only developed and brought to market in the second part of the last century. Indeed Viagra, the ‘little blue pill’ that has been hailed by many as a wonder drug was only brought onto the market in 1998. With its launch literally millions of men had, for the first time, access to a treatment for erectile dysfunction, something that had up until that moment been largely untreatable.

Before the advent of widespread vaccination in the second half of the twentieth century, diseases like TB, Polio and Mumps killed tens of millions of people and you might well die from something as simple as scratching yourself on a rusty nail. Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin was, in terms of the health of the people on planet Earth nothing short of a miracle.

MRI and CAT scanners allow medical practitioners to look deep inside a patient’s body in a way that they have never been able to before. The technology is incredible and has been responsible for saving the lives of millions of people. It is difficult to imagine the kinds of technology that might exist within even a few decades of today; such is the rate that things are moving at.

Yet, the journey we are talking about is one that doesn’t, for the time being anyway, have an end. Whilst many conditions that once would have meant inevitable death are now readily treated by medication there are many conditions that are not - some of them the biggest killers, for example heart disease and cancer.

Yes, the treatments for cancer have improved dramatically over the last fifty years. There is still a lot to do, however, before the disease is eradicated. Likewise, treatments for HIV are now available that mean an infected person can lead a long and healthy life. We still do not, however, have a cure, which, surely, has to be the end goal of any drug development programme.

Here at Magnetic health, we aim to keep you abreast of all the latest developments in healthcare and biotechnology. In a field that is moving so quickly and where, every day, there seems to be news of another development or advancement we hope to consolidate the most important, so you have a one stop site to go to, to discover what is going on.